2017 SD Vlogs

For our final vlog, Faculty Project Designer, Pablo Moyano and along with student, Percy Avalos, answer the question: “What are the advantages of using ultra high performance concrete for the wall section?”



Faculty Project Manager, Ryan Abendroth, and Student Project Manager, Dylan Callahan, discuss the question: “How do the precast concrete panels integrate other systems within their design?”


For our 7th Vlog installment, Faculty Project Manager, Ryan Abendroth and Student Project Manager, Dylan Callahan, talk about the process of designing and manufacturing our concrete panels.


Professor Hongxi Yin our Prime Investigator and Research Leader and student, Austin Darmawan, discuss the question: “What mechanical systems have been put in place to optimize how systems run in the CRETE house?”


Professor Hongxi Yin, Prime Investigator and Research Leader, and student, Percy Avalos discuss the question, “How does CRETE House reduce waste/greenhouse gases compared to other structures?”


InCEES summer intern, Liam Joyce and Team WashU Faculty Project Architect, Pablo Moyano, discuss the question, “What makes the CRETE house highly resilient?”


In our third Vlog installment, WashU student Melinda Lai & Professor Hongxi Yin discuss some of the innovative space conditioning strategies utilized by CRETE House.

Group photo of the Solar Decathlon team from spring 2016.

For our second Vlog, Pablo Moyano talks about what it means for this project to be totally student run.

Pablo Moyano talks about the design of CRETE House.

In our first Vlog, Faculty Project Architect, Pablo Moyano, discusses  how the CRETE House design has evolved over the past two years.