2017 CRETE House

All About Crete House

Team WashU is committed to providing the most attractive, comfortable, sustainable and energy efficient home design as a participant in the 2017 Solar Decathlon. Crete House will be a demonstration of how prefabricated, self-sustaining and resilient homes can mitigate climate change.

We have chosen a scenario which consists of collaborative living for two young research professionals. Our house was designed with a focus on self-sufficiency, versatility and visual appeal. In addition to the research and development that has been put into the house during design, construction and operation phases, the structure will be used as a test bed for further research and education.

Design Strategies

This house uses durable, insulated, robust precast concrete panels that are factory-produced and assembled on-site. Specially designed dry connection methods using bolts rather than traditional field welds, make field assembly much easier than traditional methods, significantly reducing labor and material waste.

The team’s design consists of a single precast concrete structure intended as a demonstration of integrated advanced building technology, and a compelling alternative to traditional wood, light-frame construction. High performance precast concrete are inherently resilient, protecting against fire, moisture and mold, insects, seismic events and extreme weather conditions such as storms, strong winds and man-made phenomena such as blasts, force protection and acoustic mitigation.

Although construction is still taking place, on Aug. 18 Team WashU held an exclusive “sneak …